Cerebral Cysts

Cerebral Cysts

Cerebral Cysts

A type of benign lesions, generally fluid filled, blood, fat, etc. These lesions are usually silent, and they are identified following image studies that are conducted initially for other reasons

A variety of cysts exist such as, arachnoid cyst (congenital), dermoid and epidermoid tumors (may be congenital in origin), colloid cyst (inside cerebral ventricles), pineal cysts.

If there is important compression on adjacent structures, symptoms such as headaches, convulsions, nausea, instability, visual alterations, and mental alterations may occur.

Symptoms most commonly present as the cyst grows, although most are considered benign, some may have an aggressive component.

In cases where it is considered a finding, small size, no symptoms associated, only clinical follow up may be established, on the other hand if symptoms are intense, growth or malignancy is suspect and compression on adjacent structures is observed, surgery is mostly indicated.

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