Subdural hematomas

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Subdural hematomas

A subdural hematoma is a type of intracranial hematoma, identified between the brain and a membrane called dura mater.

It is caused by rupture and bleeding of a blood vessel following blunt trauma to the head. In some cases, a subdural hematoma is a life-threatening entity.

There are three types of subdural hematoma:

  • Acute. It is the most dangerous and life threatening, it is associated with severe head trauma, patient is usually unresponsive and needs emergent surgical treatment.
  • Subacute. Neurological signs and symptoms are mild, it is a slow growing hematoma.
  • Chronic. It is the result of minimal head trauma, mostly seen in older patients. Signs and symptoms may develop over weeks of the head trauma.

Some signs associated mostly with subacute and chronic hematomas are longstanding headaches, altered mental status, difficulty talking, loss of strength in an extremity.

Most need surgery in order to alleviate the pressure inside the brain and remove the blood clot from inside.

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