Sciatic nerve pain

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Sciatic nerve pain

Sciatic nerve pain is the pain associated in the distribution of the aforementioned nerve. This type of pain extends behind the leg, from the lower back all the way down to the foot.

It occurs when a herniated disc, a bone spur in the spine, or a narrowing of the spine compresses part of the sciatic nerve, causing inflammation, pain, or numbness in the affected leg.

Risk factors associated with its presence:

  • Age related spinal changes, such as disk herniations, bone spurs.
  • Excessive body weight.
  • Physical work that requires twisting the back, lifting heavy loads, and sitting for long periods
  • Diabetes

More than a formal treatment sciatic nerve pain demands prevention, that is why regular exercise is pursued, maintain an adequate posture, use appropriate body mechanics when lifting objects.

An injury to the sciatic nerve causes pain that can range from mild to sharp and excruciating, like an electric shock. Most cases are resolved with non-surgical treatments, in a few weeks.

However, patients with associated leg weakness or bladder or fecal incontinence may require urgent treatment.

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