Spinal cord and nerve compression

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Spinal cord and nerve compression

The main causes of spinal injury are trauma caused by car accidents, falls, gunshot wounds, ruptured intervertebral discs and diseases such as polio, spina bifida and tumors.

When the compression injury arises from direct invasion of a primary tumor or metastasis, it becomes a neurosurgical emergency

If not treated in time, the final consequences may be paralysis, loss of sensation, and impaired sphincter control. Eventually, damage can be irreversible and reduce functionality.

The signs and symptoms, due to neurological damage, are manifested as the process progresses: pain, motor weakness and alteration in sensitivity until reaching paralysis and incontinence of sphincters.

Diagnosis requires analysis of the patient’s medical history and physical examination to determine where the compression is developing, but an immediate MRI of the entire spine is also required.

Treatment should also be immediate and, although individualized, presupposes the use of radiation therapy or surgery.

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