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Vertebral spine lesions —due to accidents, efforts, and bad postures— have become a health problem that affect more and more people every day.

Spine surgery aims at decompressing, reestablish, and fix structural anomalies of the spine. Within this specialty, spinal fusion aims to connect two or more vertebrae to permanently eliminate movement between them.

Services and Treatments

Disk Herniation

A disk herniation, is a complication associated with the cartilaginous supports in between the vertebrae (...)

Sciatic nerve pain

Sciatic nerve pain is the pain associated in the distribution of the aforementioned nerve (...)

Spinal cord and nerve compression

The main causes of spinal injury are trauma caused by car accidents, falls (...)

Cervical pain

Cervical pain refers to the discomfort that a person feels in any of the structures of the neck (...)

Low back pain

The origin of the pain comes from the musculoskeletal structure of the spine (...)