Neurosurgery is the medical specialty related to the study and treatment of diseases affecting the central, peripheral and vegetative nervous system, including its vascular structures.

Its main objective relates to the education, prevention, prompt diagnosis, evaluation, treatment, intensive care and rehabilitation, of diseases or pathology disrupting the normal function of brain, spine, spinal cord and its nerves.

In addition to the deep theoretical knowledge and practical exercise that the study and treatment of diseases demands, the neurosurgeon is backed by the most advanced technological innovations for minimally invasive procedures, such as robotics, magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography in addition of computer assisted brain surgery.

Dr. Andrés Morales
Dr Morales - Neurologist

What medical services do we offer?

We offer highly specialized services and care in the treatment of injuries, brain tumors and pathology of the skull base. Among the services we provide are the following:

Skull Base Surgery and Endoneurosurgery

Skull base surgery is a type of intervention used to treat tumors, cysts and in some cases repair traumatic defects or congenital anomalies located at the base of the skull.

Vascular Surgery

Vascular surgery is the discipline of Surgical Medicine that is dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of vascular, arterial, venous and lymphatic pathologies.

Neuro Oncology Surgery

Neuro oncology surgery is a neurosurgical specialty that deals with the diagnosis, evaluation, treatment and follow up of patients with brain and spinal tumors.

Spine Surgery

Vertebral spine lesions —due to accidents, efforts, and bad postures— have become a health problem that affect more and more people every day.

Trauma Surgery

Trauma surgery is a specialty related to the treatment and rehabilitation following falls, accidents, blows and injuries.

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